Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smartest Party In Town

Jess's party seems so long ago now--although really it was only last Saturday--that it feels a little weird to even post about...but, it was too much fun not to dedicate a little something, so here goes!First of all, everyone had their cameras. With Annie, Emmy, Isabel, and me...(plus Jess's camera was floating about somewhere) was like the paparazzi was following us. Except instead of the paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities like their job typically entails, they decided that their fellow camera friends were cooler and therefore started the clicking and flashing in each other's faces.
The bathroom door was more or less paper thin, so I could hear Jess and Annie planning one thing or another...I could hear something to the effect of "Yeah, that's good...get her." And then...SURPRISE! Annie did get me! Ack, those paparazzi people won't even let you take a pee in peace, will they?
The restaurant had the most delicious pizza. Usually I'm a fan of thicker dough, but in this case it was just yummy. We got one pie with literally every meat topping you can possibly put on a pizza...seriously, it might as well have been entitled "The Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare Pie." But we also got a delicious veggie loaded pizza to balance it out (quite tasty as well) so all was okay.
Expecto patronum?
The first time Jess ever came to my house, she immediately spotted (and became infatuated with) the turkey shaped baking pans my mom has on display downstairs. She thought it was hilarious and ever since then she wanted me to have her over for a turkey cake baking fest. So, I thought it was only fitting to make her the turkey (pumpkin cake with chocolate glaze) for her birthday!
Of course the first thing Jess did after we all sung her Feliz Navidad (clearly the birthday traditional...) was unceremoniously hack off its head.
And then the jokes about turkey cakes started rolling...I bet you never thought there could be so many, but believe me. There are.
Racing M&Ms down the back, naturally. (Austin won; Kobi thought his side was rigged.)
The party ended with Jess showing off her new/old record player. The sound was just so gorgeous it made me wish we all still used them. Most of the people at the party had been trickling off by then, so those of us who remained indulged in some swing dancing around Jess's room before we left too. I think if I could be a pro at any type of dance, it would probably be swing. Or maybe ballet. Or tap! OR BALLROOM. Oh dear. This is why I don't make decisions.


  1. These pictures are so big and colorful! It looks awesome!

  2. That looks like too much fun! Now I want a Turkey cake for my next birthday!

  3. Aaaw this looks like so much fun! I wish I was there hahaha.

  4. fun post! you all are dressed so lovely! =)

  5. great set of photos! love everyone's style and the turkey cake. :)

  6. oh harry, that spell... again?

  7. This looks like so much fun! And the dancing part at the end sounds amazing :)

  8. I love your photos. That cake is so awesome, I've never seen a turkey cake before. *drools*

    Do you photoshop your photos? Or is just the lighting?

  9. hihi really looks like so much fun !! :D And oooh I looove M&M :D

  10. Haha! This looks like fun!!!