Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flying a Kite

I had two cups of tea today. And some delicious hot chocolate from the deli after school, too. It was just that kind of day.
I ate a very pregnant apple on the bus ride to school this morning. That kind of sounds borderline barbaric, but it's the best way I can possibly describe it. My mom's favorite type of apple is Macoun and you can only get it this time of year. My favorite is McIntosh with Golden Delicious at a close second, but Macoun's not so bad either.Oh, Happy Barcode Day on Google! It would be hard to express how happy I am when Google celebrates something. And really, more often than not they're celebrating some kind of event. That's just the way life should be, you know?
For your intellectual pleasure, the most popular food ordered in a sit down restaurant--not fast food--is fried chicken. It was the bonus question on a business law test we took on Tuesday. The other choices were ham, turkey, spaghetti, friend shrimp, and roast beef. My friend guessed roast beef and was very disappointed to find out he was wrong. No one guessed ham. (Or at least, no one admitted to guessing ham.)
My history teacher abbreviated Thomas Paine to 'T.Paine' when we were discussing an egaliration interpretation of America and didn't understand why the class was laughing.
Six (count em!) six, people told me I looked like Mary Poppins today. One of my teachers told me my skirt (blessed hand me down) was "interesting," which I'm almost ninety eight percent sure she meant as a compliment, and my science teacher stared at my sweater (50s thrifty) for a moment and asked me if I played golf. (I don't.)
This is what I see when I look out my windown now. I really love fall.
Photo credit: Hot Tea, Kate Pulley, Google, Sita Marie, Maureen Dai, Vanessa Jensen, my own


  1. The last photo is INSANE, girl. That's gorgeous. Wow. You should turn that into a postcard.


    white backgrounds make me happy.

    just sayin.