Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Think I'll Adopt E.B. White

I announced to my history teacher today after walking into class that I was wearing shoulder pads. We then went onto discuss vintage things/shoulder issues/her daughter's thankfulness to have my teacher's clothes at her disposal, etc. for the next couple of minutes. Mrs. B was wearing a Halloween themed blouse complete with ghosts and bats that I am not ashamed to admit that I would most likely (definitely) pick up at a thrift store. I think she's my style twin.
Well, I come home from a literary magazine meeting today to absolutely gorgeous lighting. I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos or two...or 132...
Oh! For your intellectual pleasure, the first time American television utilized instant replay was in 1963. (Another tidbit of information I learned on the bonus question of a business law test.) I guessed 1978...well, at least I was only 15 years off! I mean, a kid actually guessed somewhere in the late 1800s. Yes, indeed, instant replay was used before, right, you learn something new everyday?
Today, a girl in my Selected American Literature class gave a presentation on Melville. At the end, she informed us that you can actually adopt him! She then said "Sylvia...who's the one you love again? E.B. White? You could adopt him, too!" Well everyone in my class knew what THAT meant. (I have a slight (i.e. rapidly growing) obsession of him ever since we read his adorable Thoreau remembrance essay.) And besides that, Charlotte's Web? I could read that book about a million times/already have read it about that many times! Anyway, unfortunately my hopes and dreams were crushed when I got home and realized that only select poets were available and up for adoption. Well, at least I could always adopt Billy Collins...
You might not be able to tell, but these earrings match perfectly with the colors in the blouse. I was wearing them when I went thrifting on Saturday and found this shirt (actually one of the parts to the three piece set), and both Annie and I agreed it must have been fate. Knowing I shouldn't tamper with what the Gods were telling me, I had them hold it for me and got it on Monday.
Thrifted blouse (w/ shoulder pads!), Secret Treasures leggings, ring found on kitchen counter, borrowed earrings & boots from mom's (because what outfit would be complete without taking at least one thing from my mom?)



  2. wonderful photos :)
    i want to adopt an author! that sounds wonderful...

  3. Its so cool that you history teacher has wicked style! I want to be a stylish professor someday.

  4. Thanks for the comment :) it is very very comfterble !
    I love you blouse and your pictures, great blog !


  5. Gorgeous blue top. I love these photos, too.

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog girl !

    I love love your gorgeous hait and that top is just perfect with this outfit :)

  7. I LOVE photo blogs.
    And also.
    Last year I had a horrid teacher named Mrs.Turner who, despite her apparent nastiness, had the most wonderful holiday vests that I always tried to recreate.
    But failed.
    Because you cannot recreate a treasure.

  8. How fresh and beautiful you are girl in this amazing morning call!
    I am in love,

    Many kisses for you!

  9. thanks for dropping by my blog! :)
    The blouse looks so cute with the batwings. Love the blue colour against the colours of the fall!

  10. You're so pretty! I love that blue cardigan and the scenery in the background is amazing.

  11. I LOVE that last picture of you! You're GORGEOUS. =]


  12. beautiful! especially that last pic. love your blog!

    x o x o x o x o x

  13. lovely! the shirt looks great with your eyes!

  14. i'm glad you captured the gorgeousness of natural light - these photos are gorgeous!


  15. i love the light in the last five pictures. and your eyes really pop in that blue blouse :] nice blog!

    xo, camilla