Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 6.022 x 10^23 Day!

Oh, our dear Avogadro. Did you ever think that your "little" number would ever make for such a big celebration?
In any case, happy birthday Mr. Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro di Quaregua e di Cerreto! (And you wonder why 6.022 x 10^23 is such an enormous number...just look at the name of the guy who invented it!)
I came home from some extra help in math (I know, on a Friday afternoon; you can't tell me I don't know how to party!) and had to hurry up and get ready for the football game. Instead of setting up my camera and tripod, I decided to just grab my computer and put the webcam to use! So, apologies for the eh-ish quality of these!
I have someone to introduce to you, and that is my twin. She's usually nearby but doesn't often appear in photos (camera shy.)
Secret Treasures leggings, mom's Eddie Bauer jumper, Annie's lace top, ring found on kitchen counter, gifted earrings, thrifted shoes
I think I was thinking of Pepper and Chips's post when I made this face!
I look a little worried here...possibly concerned about the outcome of the football game?
Well, in the end, there was really no need to fret. We won 21 to 0, and more imporantly we (the marching band) are still undefeated! After the game, Sarah, Lil and I piled into the backseat of Lily's dad's convertible along with Wink (Lil's dog) and drove to the closest Chinese restaurant. I swear I still smelt like dumplings and fried rice until I showered the next morning. (Though not going to lie, a Chinese restaurant is really not the worst thing in the world to smell like!)
Well, I really must...HEY, wait a minute...AVOGADRO? Is that YOU?! What are you doing here, buddy?
Oh, OH fine. I see how it is. I'll pledge some allegiance to you...ahem...
"I pledge allegiance to the mole, and to the science from which it comes, one SI unit, extremely divisible, with micromoles and millimoles for all." -R. Thomas Myers
Well put, sir!


  1. wow, i love the lace details;)

    xx raez

  2. You are the cutest person ever.

  3. Lace, my favourite! Love your cute embroided shoes too!

  4. Great lace top! I've been searching for one like that!