Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Like Answering Phones, Too

I was incredibly tired today. At some point I remember thinking that I could write a book about how tired I was. I mean, no one would read it. But the fact that I even thought about doing it is truly an indication of how exhausted I was.I had spaghetti for dinner tonight. There's something about spaghetti that just makes me incredibly happy. Although I made a promise to myself a long time ago (I think at some time around when I saw 'Switching Goals' for the first time...has anyone seen that Mary Kate & Ashley movie?) that I would never order spaghetti on a date. Though now that I'm thinking about it again, maybe it would provide amusement, like a good conversation piece. Or perhaps it would just be horribly awkward. Maybe only little kids can pull off eating spaghetti like animals.
The Office Wedding is tonight! I want to marry a guy exactly like Jim. Seriously, I think we could make it work. I love weddings. I always had that fantasy of being a flower girl, but it never happened. Now I suppose I'll just have to wait to be a bridesmaid (ahem SarahLilyLinethBeckyAnnieJessEmmyKaileigh?)
This is my dad's bulletin board at his office. Unlike majority of New Yorkers, my dad likes to accept the pamphlets, free samples, and brochures people stuff in his face. He says people give him two sometimes because they're not making any progress. My Aunt Judy (his sister) once made a game of getting people to take them and was much amused to see how they would dodge, squirm, and pretend not to see her...anything to avoid taking that apparently supremely offensive little pamphlet! I've been taking pictures with the Holga. I'm going to try to develop them later this week...although I have had the film sitting in the camera for much of last year and the summer, so I really hope it's still good!

Photo cred: Justin Waldron, my own, Jeff Engelhardt, dad's office friend, self portrait


  1. love all of your photos!


  2. love that coat! i need colored tights too:)

  3. that picture of you in the grass is really cool, i love your photographyyy!

    xx, camilla