Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Putting Up Reindeer; Singing Songs Of Joy & Peace

I've been listening to River (Joni Mitchell) again and again and again. It kind of gives me that feeling of being alone but not at all lonely...plus it reminds me of Emma Thompson in Love Actually--and really any association to Love Actually is always a good thing.
I took a sequence of strumming a G chord on the guitar for a project in human bio. The final result was entitled 'Striking the Right Chord: The Muscles Behind Playing Guitar.' I'll give you a minute to digest that cleverness there.
Forever 21 leotard, mom's boots, vintage (Finnish?/Swedish?/Hungarian?) embroidered vest, Kohl's skirt
Anywho, on my old blog, I used to do a 'Week in Pictures' update, so here is a glimpse into what's been going on in the past few weeks...
Friday, December 11th
My first encounter with latkes! Annie's mom makes the best I've ever had. (:
We watched Jeopardy during dinner, and although I felt slightly incompetent next to Annie AND her pro family's selves...it was so much fun. And of course I got the Harry Potter related question right! (House elves was one of the answers, can you believe it?)
After we headed out to a coffeeshop fundraiser to see our friends play.
Annie made a guest appearance on stage with our friends' band to sing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga's Papparazi. It was fabulous.
Jess tried to resist photos at first...but just look at how pretty she looks! She couldn't hide for long.
The current members (Chris, Austin, Matt) of Heatherbird together...albeit all looking in different directions!
Saturday, December 19th
I went into the city with Chris and his family. Christmastime in the city is absolutely magical. Especially when it's snowing. I could have stayed for days and days.
We checked out the window display on 38th and 39th in Lord & Taylor. It gave you that feeling of just wanting to be instantly transported into another world. This girl had the most adorable coat...and was perhaps 30 times a better ice skater than I can ever hope to be. Seriously, I skate like one leg is paralyzed...my friends will testify...it's a problem.
I love taking pictures of other people's poses. If I ever get a good one I always want to send it to them but I don't ever end up asking for fear it sounds too creepy and stalkerish. Still, I love taking the photos...it's kind of like a little time capsule of these people's lives that they don't even know exist. Think about it: how many of other people's pictures do you think you're an unknowing subject in? I always wonder how many people's vacation's photos I have unwittingly (and unattractively) been a part of.
SO jealous of the little girl's hat! And it totally would have matched my Christmas sweater (have I mentioned my Christmas sweater? Well, if you'd like a little peak at it, check out Annie's recap of our day in the city.)
Adventures will include an annual holiday party with my four best friends, exchanging of presents, and duckpin bowling (in which you do NOT bowl like a duck, Lily!)
Happy Holidays to all!


  1. The first picture is INCREDIBLE. Whoah. Even though your face isn't in it I think it's one of my favorite pictures you've ever taken. The lines and the black and white and GAH everything about it is perfect.

  2. lutz is SO cute and i love your blowing balloons picture. :]

  3. Alone but not lonely is definitely one of my favorite feelings. Nice pictures :)

  4. i love all these pictures, especially the first one. and i've also often thought about how many times i've been in other people's random vacation photos. & that little girl does have the most adorable coat!

    happy, happy Christmas.

  5. Your trip into the city looks like a blast! I haven't been ice skating yet this season, but seeing those pictures makes me want to even more. I know, though, there's always that one little girl that's absolutely INCREDIBLE and makes you feel like a complete klutz, hehe ;D

    And yeah, sometimes when I think about all of the random people that I've taken pictures of without them knowing, it also leads me to question how many pictures I've unknowingly been a part of! Interesting stuff, indeed.

    I absolutely love all of the photos as usual :) Have a wonderful winter break and happy holidays!

  6. These are like scenes out of a Christmas movie! And is that your beautiful embroidered jacket in the top photo - I adore it!

  7. wow you totally got into the holiday spirit this year - merry christmas! and i totally fell in love with joni mitchell after love actually haha

  8. OMFG! Your photos are absolutely amazing!

    And you only got off on the 23rd? Rough!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate. If not, I hope you are enjoying some wintery vacation.

  9. Stunning photos as always ! I love love that you met up with Annie too,she's such a beautiful person:)

    And MERRY CHRISTMAS gorgeous<3

  10. you are such a great photographer! i love that photo of that little girl-she looks like something out of a norman rockwell picture! =)


  11. Such cute photos! I love the one with the little girl in the red coat ice skating, how adorable!