Monday, December 7, 2009

Alas, Pilgrims!

I forgot the extent of my love/hate relationship with disposable cameras. It's exciting to wait and see what you get...but the week wait?? It can be difficult!
Anyway, this year's day before Thanksgiving tradition involved some from the old and some of the new, too.
After we got our table at a Chinese restaurant and had gobbled down our scrumptious appetizers, Bex volunteered to go with me to the CVS a block away to get the traditional disposable camera. This guy above indulged me in my back and forth “is the CVS brand or Kodak better for blah blah blah” and was really very helpful. So, after we left and were barely five feet outside from the exit, I said to Becky "You know, I really want to take a picture of him." She said I would regret it if I didn’t, which I knew I totally would so we went back. Just look at that lovely smile!
Biggest tourist spot of the town, clearly!
Our entrees came just a little bit after we returned. Of course, we had to sample each other's dishes here and there...
After lunch, we had lots of fun with shopping carts.
Lineth somehow got stuck in the middle!
Then of course it was time for portraits!
Now and then
Now and then
Now and then
Now and then
Now and then
(I think we've agreed Bex's is our favorite from this year!)
I took a shot of this year's poster in order to keep with the tradition, but then we couldn't help fooling around with the other posters, too...
Favorite photo from the entire day? I think so.
After getting our seats in the theater, we ducked out in groups to stock up on less-expensive-than-those-at-the outrageous-movie-theater treats at Stop & Shop.
Lineth and I decided on sharing gummies and a cookies & cream Hershey's bar. Yummy choices, if I do say so myself!
I gave Sarah and Lil the camera to take with them on their adventures...little did we know that we both clearly had troubles with decision making and needed to spend some time deliberating in the candy aisle.
After the movie we stopped into Starbucks... use the bathrooms? Ahem, uh, Lily?
All in all, year two matched up to the first and was a blast. I'm already anticipating next year's mix of movies (R rated perhaps, as we'll all be 17!) library brick walls, and other shenanigans around the town.
Now, I must go pass out from exhaustion, (oh, and read a chapter from The Scarlet Letter whoops...) so good night (and sleep tight.)
(Oh no...there I go with those parentheses again...)


  1. Your escapades look quite fun as usual! Yum, now I want some Chinese food, haha. And your adventures with the shopping carts look as if they were very enjoyable as well :D

    As for the movie, hurrah for honoring traditions! And I don't feel like paying ridiculous movie theater prices either, so I just bring my own candy and smuggle it in. It makes me feel pretty dangerous, haha... but ah, cookies & cream Hershey bars are seriously the best! What did you think of New Moon?

    Oh, and btw, I love the inside of that jacket, and everyone's scarves are lovely as well :)

  2. Camera quality so awesome... film?
    Ummmm you always look like you're having so much fun and being so vibrant and quite franky I'm jealous. If only I could visit...

  3. love love love the photos. :)
    mmm cookies and cream bars were my favorite when i was younger. so good!

  4. ah this looks like so much fun!

  5. girls are cuteeee. i wish i had this much fun just hanging out;)

    xx raez

  6. These are so awesome! I remember back when I was in university, digital cameras were really expensive so it was all film for us. We took it for granted then, but now I really love the feel of film (especially pictures that come from cheaper cameras).
    the renegade bean

  7. I love love diposable cameras and I want to get back to them really soon!! Love love all the photos here and it looks like everyone had so much fun!

  8. The portraits against the white wall are all lovely! :) And I understand your love/hate relationship with disposable camera's. I'm very glad there's a shop in town that develops the photos within one hour, but it's so damn expensive!

  9. I love all the shopping cart pictures! So fun!