Sunday, November 8, 2009

October's Yin & Yang

Business meetings via email
The clacky sound boots make on tile and cement
Photoshoot Monday Traditions
The thrift store
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Edemame soy beans
Black leggings
Getting ready in the dressing rooms before a performance....
Ginger straightening her hair
Annie applying make-up
...and then the performances themselves Our Professor Willard at a dress rehearsal
Checking out books at the library
Understanding logs
People asking me recently if I do ballet
(I don't; I just really used to like wearing that tutu!)
Top Chef on Wednesdays
Google celebrations
Coordinating/comparing outfits with my history teacher
Disposable cameras
Annie with a car outside the thrift store that totally matched her outfit that day
Everything pumpkin flavored
Taking pictures of costumed people against brick walls
Wendy as Tigger, Kobi as Doc JD, and Katherine as Pooh
Herman Melville
Death Cab’s ‘Soul Meets Body’
Getting a Halloween themed sticker for getting 100%s on business law tests
Big breakfasts with friends
Before our plates were loaded with delicious bacon, eggs, and toast at Jess's house, we drank coffee and tried to figure out the crossword (Annie grabbed the cool Shakespeare mug first)
Brothers & Sisters on Sunday nights
Home football games
Marching band
Road signs
The feeling on Saturday morning of still having two more shows left of Our Town
The sound my alarm clock makes on my cell phone
Not understanding labs in human bio
The feeling on Saturday morning of having only two more shows left of Our Town
There’s always a little good in the bad and a little bad in the good.
Mom's black boots; Hillary Clinton white heels
A lot less Yin than Yang for me at the moment though, so I suppose that's an acheivement! Today was the last production of Our Town. I don't think I've gone a dress rehearsal or performance without crying, even a little. It's been my favorite play to do so far, and although I do realize I say this almost every time I finish a show...I'm pretty sure I really mean it for this one.
But, enough about me! Go on, tell it: what is your Yin & Yang for the month?


  1. Nice pictures! I love the ballet one. What--you don't like wearing tutus anymore? :)

  2. JD! Love Scrubs :))

    I got everything going for me right now except one damn thing - midterms and really tough coursework. Still, even though it's the only Yin at the moment, it's completely overshadowing the good stuff.

  3. What fantastic photos. I love that red coat of yours, too :-)

  4. wow, this post is really really cute...

  5. Everything looks mighty fun to me, and the performance sounds like it was a success :) Oh, and I was the same way actually - I wore a ballerina outfit a lot when I was little, but I never actually took ballet... I love the Halloween costumes! JD ftw :D

    I'm glad that the yang is outweighing the yin! Let's hope that it stays that way! Great pictures as always :)

  6. The breakfast picture is incredible... the shadows are just perfect.

  7. You are a very cute ballerina! I love all of these pictures. I gotta second business meetings as a yang. ;) Hmmph silly human bio labs...

  8. your photos are all so sweet and enchanting.

  9. Beautiful photos once again !

    I love love the red coat that you have, and gorgeous necklace you have tooo. Awww,is that a photo of you when you were younger in a tutu ? So adorable !

  10. i love this post so much. ur red coat is amazing. and i loved the book, extremely loud and incredibly close. the boy was just so interesting! :)


  11. too too cute, what a great post! i am loving all the sesame street, costumed, instant film camera greatness!

    xx raez

  12. I'm loving the red coat!anyway fab photos!

  13. ooo i like your blog! i really want some orange juice now after seeing that breakfast photo...

  14. uuu i seriously enjoyed looking at your photos, i love personal photos, somehow makes you feel closer to one another :) and you look so good in red! the red top and the red coat paired with the cream top is so dreamy my dear.